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Kitting yourself out for fishing isn’t as easy as it seems; you need to be sure to choose one of the best branded rods if you want to catch loads of fish. Here is a selection of the best fishing brands.


Berkley manufactures a large selection of rods at all prices but best value for money seems to be in the $80 to $100 range. These seem to be especially good for bass fishing having a good feel and strength.


Shimano makes even more fishing rods than Berkley suitable for both the professional and recreational angler. You can choose based on the casting you’ll be doing or just on price. Shimano rods are sturdy and long lasting and provide great value for money.


The Ugly Stik range is popular and you can choose for specifics like spinning, casting, flex or ultra light weight but a GX2 is versatile and long lasting and you can use it for just about anything.


Fenwick focuses on fly fishing and has been an established brand since 1952 and for its day was very innovative in design and material.

Even Fenwick’s really cheap rods (around $100) are good quality and ideal for beginners but of course they produce much more expensive rods as well as other equipment.


Orvis is another fly rod variety which again, is great for beginners or anyone who isn’t sure whether they are going to like fishing as a way of spending their spare time. Naturally, Orvis produce more expensive rods for the more experienced angler.

There are many other great brands of fishing rods, all made in America and you’ll find a huge number of them here at Best Fishing Brands, so browse around our site for all the other fishing gear you’ll need as well.


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