Best Fishing Reels

With the variety of tackle available on the market, choosing the best fishing reel can be a confusing exercise, particularly if you’re a newcomer to the sport. How do you know which rod and reel make a great combination? How do you know what weight of line to use and which lure to use? What kit do you need to catch a specific fish?

As with fishing rods the best brands of fishing reels vary depending on the type of fishing you want to do for example spinning or spin-casting.

You can buy your rod and reel as a package but if you want to buy separately and you already have a rod, then you need to know if it’s a spinning rod or a spin cast rod. The main difference is the finger hook on the bottom of the spin cast rod used to hold your index finger when you are casting. While it’s not impossible to mix and match, in general a spin cast reel won’t work very well with a spinning rod and the other way round.

Briefly, on the subject of rods, a 5.5 to 6 feet long rod is a good choice and is classed as medium light to medium. It should be able to cope with a lure up to 0.33 ounces. Whatever you choose, the reel should be able to handle the same as the rod and you’ll be set to catch most fresh water fish with the exception of the very biggest.

For the beginning angler, spin cast reels are the easier type to use. They hold less line and don’t cast as far as a spinning reel but for a first rod and reel, spin cast is definitely the best to choose.

If you really need to cast further, then get a spinning reel but bear in mind that the casting technique is more difficult than with a spin cast reel.

Basically, our advice would be don’t get too hung up on complications; select a reasonably low priced, easy to use combination of rod and reel to start with and above all enjoy your fishing!

Selection of Fishing Reels

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