Setting Up Your Fishing Reel

If you want to fish successfully, you need to make sure that your rod and reel are compatible and set up your fishing reel properly and use the right line and lures.

The Correct Reel, Line and Lures for the Rod

If you don’t want to ruin your rod and/or tackle, they need to match. You cannot use a heavy duty reel and line with a light rod or vice versa; something will break!

To make casting as easy and accurate as possible, you should use the lightest possible line. Four or six pound test line should be adequate for most fishermen and most fish.

It is not true that fish will bite through a light line so don’t be tempted to go with a heavy one.

Your lure should also be balanced with the rest of your tackle otherwise your casting will go awry and your fish will probably escape anyway.

The Reel’s Drag

The reel’s drag is like the clutch on a car. Many reels have a system of numbering showing the set of the drag, the lower number being the lighter drag.

The idea is that, with the tip of the rod bent, the line pulls easily from the reel. To start, pull about four feet of line through your rod then pull down carefully until the tip of the rod bends. When the line runs freely enough not to stress the rod but not so freely that it runs off the reel as soon as the tip bends, you have the correct drag.

If the drag is incorrectly set, the line will break, you’ll lose your fish and with it your lure.

Buy the best fish brands you can afford for all your fishing tackle and take the time to learn about what you need before you waste a lot of money on ill-matched equipment.

Selection of Fishing Rods

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